Computer Aided Engineering – CAE

Jui Li adopts computerized part formability analysis to find design and quality related issues in the early design stages. We make use of risk control analysis in the early developing stages, analyzing formability and deformation factors.

Computer Aided Engineering – CAE

Computer Aided Engineering – CAE

Die Design

JuiLi makes use of Catia and UG software as design platforms. In a 3D environment we have accomplished the development of dies, checking fixtures, and JIGs. With 3D die design technology, we can offer customers with highly stable die products.

Body side tooling - upper die

Body side tooling - lower die

Front door inner

Lid outer

Door inner

Aluminum-alloy tooling

Checking Fixture & Jig Design and Manufacturing

We have over three decades of experience in tooling. Our specialties are BIW, Under Body Parts, Chassis - we provide the comprehensive assembly solution.

Auto-welding for sub frame rear

Auto-welding for sub frame rear

Automated production simulation for assembly line

Hood inner checking fixture

Fender checking fixture

Body side checking fixture

Tailgate assembly checking fixture

Assembly jig for engine room

Accuracy Inspection and Exterior Quality Determination

JuiLi imported DEA large scale CMM inspection equipment, as well as an Atos computer aided inspection system, which can compare die and parts parameters, shortening the R&D procedure. Spectrum analysis is utilized to modify the accuracy of parts and dies.

CMM inspection

Parts exterior inspection

ATOS automatic 3D inspection