Exterior Body Parts

JuiLi is the best supplier of car exterior parts in Taiwan. Since 1987, JuiLi has imported automation machinery for parts production, and in 1989, purchased large machining centers from abroad, creating a new era of exterior car parts in Taiwan.

JuiLi’s products include doors, hoods, lid models, as well as rolling frames for windows. The production of exterior parts and tooling are the core business of JuiLi. We are a supplier to international automotive manufacturers, such as Yulon, CMC Motor, TOYOTA, Ford, and Luxgen. Our business has expanded to North America and Europe, to whom we have been providing aluminum alloy parts to a number of well-known international car manufacturers.

Exterior Body Parts

Hood assembly

Lid assembly

Front door SASH

Rear door SASH

Front door assembly LH

Rear door assembly LH

Front door assembly RH

Rear door assembly RH

Fender LH

Fender RH

Body-side LH

Body-side RH

Roof with sun-roof


Aluminum ally tail-gate assembly

5 Starts Euro NCAP Standard


For JuiLi, R&D is essential in their development strategy. For High Strength Steel (HSS) parts, we offer rails and under-body parts to customers. In 2013, we cooperated with international brands to design under-body parts with an automatic assembly line in our China factory. It was there that we developed the first car model to pass Euro NCAP standard.

The white body of this car model is composed of less than 300 parts.
The weight of the white body covers about 70% to 90% of the total weight of the car, while the chassis covers about 60% to 80%.

Chassis & Structure parts

HSS stamping, high precision robot welding, and highly stable and secure parts have won the customers confidence.

Sub frame front

Sub frame rear